Steve A. Muir Sr.


Born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Uniondale, NY Steve’s motivation and drive is molded from his life experiences. Having grown up with little, Steve’s parents made sure that he and his two older siblings were never wanting of any necessities. While there were countless lessons to be learned throughout Steve’s life one which is engrained in his soul is the loss his older sister Michele at the age of 32.  It has taught and constantly reminded Steve that life is short and no one is guaranteed tomorrow, so make every attempt to leave this world better than you found it.

A great part of Steve’s inspiration in helping those less fortunate comes from his beautiful wife Niala and her Uncle Timmy. Timmy was a great man with an enormous heart. He would take Niala and her siblings to feed and clothe the homeless in Manhattan. After his passing Niala was eager to continue Timmy’s legacy and so she encouraged Steve to help her teach their children the urgency behind helping the less fortunate. A experience Steve carries with him on this journey with the team at Heeling Soles Inc.

Steve currently works as a train conductor on the busiest commuter railroad in North America. After completing a stringent, mandatory qualification process Steve began to utilize his solid foundation to broaden his horizons and pursue his dreams. Steve is a lover of good music and currently hosts his own online radio show and has had the opportunity to spin at some of New York’s hottest nightclubs. Steve utilizes this platform not to only entertain but also to educate and raise awareness on issues affecting our communities and society as a whole.

Steve is co-founder of Street Weird Clothing, considered more than brand and more so a movement. Street Weird sets to inspire and promote ownership. Street Weird brings awareness and solutions to socio-economic issues that plague our society and as a bonus it’s also quite trendy.

Steve is also contributor to one of the leading UK sneaker blogs, “The Word On The Feet,” with pieces pertaining his own experience as a sneaker collector and also his honest opinion music reviews.

After moving back and noticing a lack of togetherness in the area where he was raised, Steve spearheaded a local event in his hometown of Uniondale, NY entitled “ComeInUnity Family Fun Day” with the goal of bringing a sense of community back to the neighborhood. ComeInUnity was a huge success and has now become an annual event in which Heeling Soles Inc. intends to grow and demonstrate that with vision and a willingness to work hard, anything is possible.

With inspiration drawn from all parts of his life, one thing is clear, Steve is excited to be a part of this new adventure and is willing and capable to help Heeling Soles heal the world.