Steve A. Muir Jr.

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Steve was born in Hempstead, NY and resided there until three years of age when he then moved to Brentwood, NY with his parents until the age of thirteen.

In the Spring of 2012 now accompanied with two younger siblings Aria and Annabelle he moved to Uniondale to live in his Dad’s childhood home. 

Steve was taught from a very young age that whenever possible it was important to help the less fortunate. One of his first memories of helping someone in need was traveling to Manhattan with his family around the holidays to distribute sandwiches with a drink and chocolate to the homeless in Penn Station.  Little did Steve know at the time he was walking in the footsteps of his Uncle Timmy and fulfilling the legacy of his great grandmother Miss C.

Steve’s parents provide him and his siblings all they could ever need in life and makes certain that they have food on their plates, clothes on their backs, shoes on their feet and a roof over their heads. They have also instilled in him all the tools necessary to navigate in today’s world.

Education is key and Steve has strived to retain high grades and while in high school maintained averages that kept him on the honor roll each month.  Currently Steve attends Nassau Community College in Uniondale, NY majoring in forensics, striving to be an ‘A’ student with a goal of becoming a Crime Scene Investigator (CSI).  He feels that there is a strong connection between the work done at Heeling Soles and working in the criminal justice system as a CSI.  While both help people in different ways, they are one in the same, setting people on better paths. Heeling Soles provides the less fortunate and those cast aside by society by not only giving them sneakers to walk towards a better path but also by showing love, compassion and giving hope, while working in the criminal justice field as a CSI can help in the process of getting justice for those who were victims of crimes and those wrongfully accused.

In his free time when Steve isn’t studying or at school he likes to catch up with friends and shoot hoops. He also enjoys watching stand-up comedy as well as Marvel and DC television shows.

Steve gives credit to his parents and grandparents for turning him into a hard working, goal oriented, and focused man. He was always taught to seek knowledge, set goals, and  strive for best possible outcome. 

Steve is a vital component within the Heeling Soles organization and formally sits on the board as Recording Secretary.  He also aids in the collection, sorting, cleaning and packing and distribution of donations and plays a role in the planning and execution of events.  Steve’s involvement drives Heeling Soles forward and helps the organization continue in helping people walk towards brighter futures.