Niala Muir

heeling soles 0808192017-61.jpgNiala was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad in the late 1970s. Growing up as a young child in St. James, Niala particularly remembers playing “Hosay” a celebration which involves dancing in the streets to a rhythmic drumming. Niala’s parents were happy, but the stresses of parenting, and very little money took a toll on the young family. Upon her parents’ separation Niala was sent to live in NY with her mother. Despite the situation, Niala adjusted well to her new environment and was thriving. Growing up as a teenager on Long Island, Niala loved music, chic flicks, track, and babysitting. Niala, later fell in love with her high school sweetheart Steve. They got married and went on to have 3 beautiful kids Steve Jr., Aria, and Annabelle.

The most influential person in Niala’s life was her beloved Uncle Timmy. Timmy was like a father figure to Niala. She vividly remembers the time spent with him and his personality traits in which she found admirable. Timmy taught Niala the true meaning of selflessness, kindness, and generosity. Uncle Timmy took Niala along with her older brother on countless occasions to feed and clothe the homeless in Penn Station and Port Authority in Manhattan, NY. After her Uncle’s passing, Niala and her brother Jameel along with their families continue to carry on Timmy’s legacy by feeding the homeless.

Niala has worked in the child care industry and throughout the years Niala has gained experience and has enhanced her education in Early Childhood Development. It was at this point in her life Niala realized where her passion truly lies. Niala’s love for teaching and caring for children took her along the journey to finally opening her own facility. Niala is now the proud Owner/Operator of Lala’s Loveables Childcare Incorporated. Niala is a child advocate and believes every child deserves a warm and nurturing environment in order for them to be life long learners and positive contributors to society.

Niala is strong, loving, and compassionate. Niala is a true believer in the goodness of humankind. She has a vast imagination and aspires to inspire. Niala is eager to embark on this voyage with her loved ones and is committed to heal humanity, one step at a time. Niala has a vision to one day create a plan that will curtail worldwide waste and in turn diminish global hunger, and poverty.