ComeInUnity Family Fun Day 2017

A day focused on family, friends and community.  Peace and love, we were all smiles as we enjoyed the simple things.  Bringing people together is what it’s all about.  We gave away some things, we got our faces painted, we got our hair cut and we gave away some more things.  We built things, and we were adorable! We ate cotton candy and made new friends.  We danced, and we sang.  We hugged, we laughed, we learned and we played. 

06102017 Heeling Soles community-202

06102017 Heeling Soles community-239

06102017 Heeling Soles community-132

06102017 Heeling Soles community-235

In the end isn’t this is what it’s all about…ComeInUnity 2017

06102017 Heeling Soles community-121

06102017 Heeling Soles community-155

06102017 Heeling Soles community-177

4 years ago this was all a dream.  4 years later it’s a reality.  As the vision is realized, the dreams become bigger, the possibilities endless and the impact everlasting.

06102017 Heeling Soles community-138

06102017 Heeling Soles community-229

06102017 Heeling Soles community-148

We are already looking forward to next year and we know you are too!! 

So until then…One Love!

06102017 Heeling Soles community-253

As always special thanks to Legislator Kevan Abrahams, Sharon, Robin, Holly, Terenna & Glory House Recovery Inc., Fidelis Care, Judge Tricia Ferrell, Uniondale School District, Uniondale Fire Department, UHS Rhythm Of The Knight Show Choir, Roosevelt Fire Department, Town Of Hempstead, Senior Council Woman – Dorothy Goosby, Nassau County PBA, NCPD, UHS JROTC, UFD Jr. Firefighters, State Farm Uniondale, Applebee’s, We Buy Your Kicks, Home Depot Kids Workshop, Spotless Car Wash, NY Inflatables, Niala, LaLa’s Loveables Childcare, Desi, Valerie, Steve, Aria, Annabelle, Uncle Nick, Donna, Shaun, Debbie, DeShaun, Dejah, Jalynn – S&D Catering, People’s Choice Entertainment, DJ Ricky Trooper, Paparoxxi Event Photography, Anthony Richards, Cynthia, Long Island Nets, all participating vendors,  Antonio, Kisha and the entire staff at Uniondale Park and the last but certainly not least, the wonderful residents of Uniondale and the surrounding communities!

06102017 Heeling Soles community-49

A very special and tearful thank you to our friend Barbara Simms.  Your love and support will be missed and we wish you all the best along your journey.