Chris Chang

p1020044.jpgChris has a passion for sneakers and has a well-aged collection of kicks. Through that passion and working hard with the rest of the team that has now become Heeling Soles, Chris was able to harness support from the Sneaker collecting community and offer that community a way to help others with simple donations of shoes that were distributed to those in need in the UK, the US, Africa and the Caribbean. Chris hopes to grow support further from the ‘Sneakerhead’ community and beyond through his work for Heeling Soles, developing systems for sustainable assistance for individuals, groups, organizations and projects around the world.

Chris started one of the leading sneaker culture websites, based in London, UK, The Word on the Feet.

He is also the founder of 255 Research and Investigation, a social enterprise that conducts frontline criminal defense investigation, specializing in National Security and Capital cases. He is actively involved in work to improve criminal defense investigation and in turn improve the standard of legal representation for those facing criminal charges.

Chris is also a part of the team that created the Street Weird movement – a community-focused clothing label that through its garments empowers, individuals and communities, and raises aWEARness about issues affecting those individuals and communities.

Chris is very family-orientated and has learnt valuable lessons from his family about helping others, and about using the power that we all have to effect change in the world. He is committed to bringing about change through this organization and as part of the Heeling Soles family.