Carrlean Chang

dsc07829-e1427062316487.jpgBorn and raised in South London, UK to Jamaican parents, Carrlean Chang spent most of her childhood holidays with her grandma – Miss Cee – in Jamaica. Miss Cee was devoted to helping those less fortunate and its this degree of dedication, love and  selflessness that has made the greatest impact in Carrlean’s life.

Following in the footsteps of her mum – a paediatric nurse and mum/grandma to everyone, Carrlean has worked continuously within the National Health Service, initially as a Dental Nurse and then as a Healthcare Assistant. Carrlean then went on to study and qualify as a Registered Nurse , a qualification she still holds today. Currently, Carrlean works for the London Ambulance Service, as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher, filled with a strong sense of caring, compassion and a desire to help others underpinning her daily life.

Mother to five children, Carrlean strives to instil in them the lessons and values of her own childhood, educating and encouraging them to help at events/projects and shoe drives and also in standing up for their rights and the rights of others.

An advocate for people whose voice at times can go unheard, Carrlean was one of the driving forces behind her eldest son’s  – Hughes Cousins-Chang- decision to take the UK Government to court and to challenge the law that allowed 17 year olds – whilst in police custody -to be treated as adults, even though they are seen as children in every other law. Represented by Just for Kids Law and supported by Chris Chang, Hughes won his case in April 2013 and subsequently the law is now being changed.

Apart from her children and her family, Carrlean’s other loves are sneakers, baking cupcakes and the written word. An avid reader, Carrlean is also a writer for The Word on the Feet and Street Weird Clothing. She is writing her first book entitled “The Words Within Me’.  Carrlean also enjoys running and testing her physical ability through calisthenics although it’s safe to say her mind is willing but her body is weak!

Always up for a challenge, Carrlean is thrilled and excited to be part of the Heeling Soles team. She is thankful to be given an opportunity to make a positive impact and a measurable difference to the lives of others, in the hope of ultimately healing a nation.