Aria Muir

heeling soles 0808192017-112Aria, affectionately known as “Aria Princess” blessed the world with her presence in March 2003 at Stony Brook Hospital, Stony Brook, NY.  Aria spent her early childhood living in Brentwood, NY with her parents and siblings Steve & Annabelle until finally moving to Uniondale at the age of 9 years.  Although Uniondale was very familiar to her, Aria missed her old home, school and friends but all the while still managed to enjoy and adapt to her new life.

Aria can remember from a young age the influence her parents had on her to give back and to care for others.  One of her first, fondest and most vivid memories  were her parents coming home on Christmas Eve with what seemed like 20 loaves of bread,  cases of juice, enough cheese & ham to feed a small army and an extremely large bag of chocolate.  While her Mom and Dad made the sandwiches, her brother Steve was in charge of packaging them and Aria was in charge of the most important task of all, making sure there were three chocolates in each bag. 

After Aria and her family finally finished preparing the bags, Aria remembers layering up in preparation for the cold and later that evening venturing out to Penn Station in Manhattan, NY.  Aria loved the feeling of giving to those in need and most of all enjoyed the expressed gratitude and smiles on people’s faces when they saw those 3 chocolates, what she considered a “little dessert” in their bag.

Those early and lasting experiences brought Aria to the realization of the true meaning behind helping others which sparked a desire to help fix the problem of homelessness.  And so, she began dreaming of becoming an architect, building a stable and prosperous firm in order to design and construct small homes with the all the basic necessities for those in need.

Aria enjoys being surrounded by family and friends and radiates her kindness to those closest to her by lending an ear and advice to whomever may need.  Aria enjoys playing basketball, running track and listening to music and has taught herself to play the piano.

In all, Aria takes in the lessons of her parents of always being kind to others, maintaining an optimistic outlook, setting goals, working hard, overcoming obstacles and adversities in order to achieve and surpass her goals.  With all that has been instilled in her Aria is a vital part of the Heeling Soles team and strives towards helping people walk towards brighter futures.